Bon à savoir

Rupp Käsevielfalt

Naturally delicious. Rupp natural cheese.

Premium cheese is our trademark. This is why only selected types of cheese are allowed to bear our name. Rupp original Vorarlberg “Bergkäse”, alpine cheese, “Räß” cheese, Ruppert village cheese and further specialities are our contribution towards Austrian cheese culture.

A very special treasure is harboured in the maturing cellars at Rupp. The golden-yellow blocks of mountain and alpine cheeses are left here until they are mature enough to sell or be processed. Whilst this is going on, the farmers in the near-by valleys go about their business as they have been doing for centuries: they drive their cows up to the highest alpine meadows, since this is where the best feed is to be found. Up to 35 different herbs on one single square metre!

And since better milk produces better cheese, Rupp’s buyers are never far away, either. Not only do they inspect the cheese, butter and quark to ensure that its quality is good enough to comply with the strict quality criteria of the company: they also regularly check to see that the ban on silo and fermented feed for the cows is complied with. Once a transaction has been agreed, the deal is settled by a traditional hand-shake. Incidentally, the majority of business relationships sealed in this way have already lasted several decades. Suppliers have become partners.